DofE Open Expeditions

In 2018 we will be running Open Gold (walking and canoe) expeditions. Training and preparation starts in February 2018.

Open Expeditions are self explanatory - an expedition that is open to all DofE participants, no matter where they enrolled. These expeditions are ideal for young people who have missed their centre's expedition due to sickness/injury/holiday, or participants who do not have a group to do an expedition with. We can provide training before the expedition, or can accept young people who have already completed DofE expedition training with their own centre.

Open Expeditions often involve young people from different areas of the county, brought together to form a team. We work with these teams sensitively and support them with the challenge of getting to know each other in a short period of time, encouraging teamwork and fostering an atmosphere of fun.

Gold Canoe Expedition 2018:Click here for details

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